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Data Centers done differently:
Compass Datacenters supports sustainable growth in Red Oak from the way we build to the way we operate. Compass Datacenters is a different kind of data center company. Our intense focus on culture, innovation and sustainability, guides us as we seek to grow responsibly and be a valuable member of local communities.
Founded in 2011, Compass started work in Red Oak in 2019, engaging with local leaders to develop digital infrastructure that would serve the city and the burgeoning digital economy. Data processing capacity is increasingly crucial to our daily lives. Data centers make everything from communications and streaming to banking, healthcare and business applications possible, and we work to build this infrastructure responsibly.

Innovation and the environment:
Sustainability has always been Compass’ true north. It guides the way we build and operate data centers. We make efficient use of land, use a water-free cooling system and are evolving technologies to reduce sound, emissions and power consumption.
These are recent innovations we’re particularly proud of:
• All of our buildings use CarbonCure™ manufactured concrete. By mineralizing CO2 and injecting into the concrete mix, we’ve been able to reduce CO2 emissions by as much as ~585 tons per building.
• Artificial intelligence helps us optimize the raw materials that go into cement and use more local aggregate material. This has enabled us to reduce the amount of cement (the production of which generates a great volume of greenhouse gas emissions) required to build data centers by one-fourth. We also produce cement at the construction site to keep trucks off the road and support safer roadways.
• Compass is the first North American data center provider to operate its on-site back-up generators using hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) bio-diesel and reduce emissions by 85%.
• We use a special roofing material, Sarnafill®, to prevent creation of an urban heat island. This reduces GHG emissions by up to 4,813 tons annually.
• We have a zero-waste goal. Modular designs and an integrated supply chain ensure no surplus materials are created. From there we recycle, reuse or repurpose as much as we can.

Core convictions:
While every business changes over time, our core convictions have served as the touchstone of our company since its founding. These convictions permeate every aspect of our operations and the commitments we make to our neighbors.
• Humility in, pride out. There are no heroes at Compass. We own our mistakes, learn from them and share our successes.
• Actions and words are one. We do what we say and don't make a commitment that we can’t keep.
• Continuous improvement. Our industry is young and we’re seeking to improve at every turn.
• Asking why. Staying curious helps us delineate wants from needs and do what’s right by our stakeholders.
We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Red Oak community.


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